Inventory & Purchase Order Database

Individual / Professional

Inventory and Purchase Order Database to keep track of and organize shop inventory Items and Shipping & Receiving across 20+ users.

  • MS Access Database
  • Excel Purchase Order sheets generation and delivered to Project Manager, Shop Foreman, and Accounting department.
  • Support for expansion through GUI options and customization
  • Worked with stakeholders and users to define project requirements and scope.
  • Uses a GUI built using C# and Visual Studio

  • Detail Library

    Detail Library

    Individual / Professional / Recreational

    Northshore Library is a database and archive of technical Autocad drawings and job information. Library logs drawings accompanied with tags that describe job information, and drawing attributes. Northshore Library is made of many programs and several languages (Java, python,, HTML) to provide the user with interfaces for searching and viewing results. Northshore Library also provides a back end for management that allows database management, directory management, searching, importing and exporting.



    Individual / Professional / Recreational

    Northshore Timesheet is a powerful solution to time recording and management. is used to search the Northshore's server and provide the user with all jobs available. The user then sets a job to the current and starts the timer to record job time. At the end of the week, the user has the option to electronically submit their time to accounting. Northshore Timesheet proved to save employee time related to time sheets both for users and the accounting department. Northshore Time Sheet saves on paper by eliminating the need to print timesheets each week.

    Library Checkout

  • Worked with a classmate to design and implement a System to manage inventory.
  • Implemented >2000 lines of optimized code in under 2 weeks with zero memory leaks
  • Inheritance
  • Strict Memory Management
  • Hash Factories
  • Open/closed Principle
  • Object Oriented Programming

  • Happy Hour Database

  • Worked in a team of 2 to design and implement a database using Access and SQL.
  • Created and Designed database using ORMS, LDMS, and Relational Algebra.

  • CSS 342 (Discrete Mathmatics I)

  • Sieve (C++)
  • Sierpinski (C++)
  • Botxquick sort (C++)
  • Mtflist (C++)
  • Deque (C++)
  • Mergesort (C++)
  • Gosper (C++)
  • Skiplist (C++)
  • LingInt (C++)

  • CSS 343 (Discrete Mathmatics II)

  • Polynomial (C++)
  • Binary Tree (C++)
  • Dijksra Graph (C++)

  • CSS 385 (Game Development)

  • XNA/MonoDevelop "Brick Breaker"
  • XNA/MonoDevelop "Finite State Machine"
  • Unity "Game Mathmatics"

  • CSS 390 (Mobile Dev)

  • Android Development

  • CS& 143 (Java III)

  • Huffman Tree (Java)
  • Reverse Polish Calculator (Java)