Defense of Allende

Space Themed Tower Defense


Defense of Allende started out as a simple side project to practice game development and create a portfolio piece. As the project evolved and went through many, many design changes we fell in love with DOA. The second developer of DOA dropped out in the early developer and was replaced with the Nybble team to move this game from a side project to something we could ship onto the Mobile market.

Defense of Allende uses traditional tower defense tactics melded with a unique mechanic of "capture and return"

What I Did

Development: I developed the map factory and Enemies.
Art: I created the art UI for the game.

What I Learned

The #1 thing I learned from this game is that initial design is invaluable. Since the game went from a simple side project to something we wanted to ship the scope and design changed quite a bit. During the transition from small to larger project we never analyzed how classes/events would interact or how to manage data within the game. The lack of planning lead to lots of bugs that could have been easily avoided and made some messy code.


  • Nybble Studios
  • Erick House (Development)
  • Gary Mixson (Development)
  • Jason Lantz (Design)

  • unity