Nybble Studios is both a game development and publishing company. It was founded in 2015 in the greater Seattle area. Its first commercial release was GhostLight Manor, collaboration with the University of Washington. Nybble is dedicated to creating experiences that entertain first and drive revenue second. Every member of the Nybble family is a gamer, which imbues the company with a vision that surpasses its size.

Nybble started 2015 as a name @Gary, @Jason, and I could share and release Defense of Allende, however in the summer of 2015 we were approached by the Digital Future Lab (DFL) and University of Washington to produce and support a game the DFL was developing. Both Gary and I worked on DFL as Individual studies and Internships over 2 summers so we were familiar with the game and the DFL. In October Nybble released Ghostlight on the Google play store and Apple app store. We are working on releasing Defense of Allende shortly.

Nybble has grown in the short time we have formed, we have had several developers new to game development come to use and get their feet wet in the industry, we have contracted two artists that are currently in the Seattle Art Institute program, and we are working on our first game to market and sell, #Nextgame.

Creating and leading Nybble studios has taught me many things that will help me thrive in the game industry both as a developer for a game company or for succeeding with Nybble Studios.

Communication: Communication has been the most important thing I work on at Nybble, I am responsible for overseeing Design, Development, and Art and making sure everybody is getting the information or deliverables they need to keep moving forward.

Task Management: Each sprint I plan out the next sprints tasks and determine what is needed to move the project forwards while keeping a working product that can be played and tested and anytime. I also need to analyze what the most important tasks are and what can wait, including the active bug list.

Management: I understand the need for information from both management and various departments. I also have firsthand experience with needing to meet deadlines and finding solutions within departments to make sure all deadlines are met with minimal impact on the project or workflow.