Kill A Watt

Networked Multiplayer Tower Attack Game


Kill A Watt was a class project at the University of Washington for Game Development.

In a month and a half myself and two other developers created Kill A Watt, a fully networked competivive multiplayer game using a custom develped athortiative sever created by our team.

This was my first Unity project, This game got me on my game development path, I had always been interested in game development and played around with pygame but never seriously made anything before.

What I Did

Unit Development: I developed the logic and controls for the units sent from a tower to attack a tower.
Power-ups: I developed the Bomb power up. The bomb spreads recursively trough units over the network and affects up to 100 units in range.
Tower Development: I created to logic for handling unit management and tower states.
3D Modeling: The towers for Kill A Watt were modeled in Autodesk AutoCAD baked into a 2D Perspective view. This allowed me to design and produce the art for Killawatt very quickly without worrying about perspective until after we had towers that fit our design.

What I Learned

I learned a lot of general topics on this project: Game development, mathematics in games, network programming, state machines, sprite animation. While nothing on this project really stood out as "this is what I learned" this was one of the best learning experiences I have had.


  • Erick House (Development)
  • Gary Mixson (Development)
  • Aaron Whitting (Design)
  • Miah McBride (Audio)

  • unity