Ghostlight Manor

Halloween Themed Mobile Puzzle Game


Enemies move from top to bottom and across the screen in rows. Each time a monster reaches your lightbot you lose batteries. Clear all the monsters before you're overwhelmed. Monsters appear hidden until you reveal them with your beam. Your lightbot shines one of three beams at the enemies above it. Choosing the correct beam is a large part of the strategy. Beams have different affects and energy usage. On many levels the monsters don't advance until you fire the lightbot, giving you all the time for you to devise the perfect strategy. On other levels, the monsters keep coming forcing you to think on your feet!

What I Did

Code Optomization: I optomized ineffient areas of code to bring loading and run times down.
Asset Optomization: I researched and cleaned up existing and unused assets to reduce the gapp file size and decrease loading times.
Various bug fixing: Assisted preparing the game for realease by fixing bugs in the backlog.

Apple IOS: I Made, Manage, and Support the IOS app on the Apple App Store.
Google Play: I Made, Manage, and Support the Google app on the Google Play Store.

What I Learned

Working on Ghostlight I got to be an integral part of the release process. I lead the publication, and release on the Google Play store and Apple App store. I learned what it takes to get a game from almost complete, getting a gold build and going live for sale.

A few things that I learned to do differently next time would be to make sure gold builds are done at least 30 days before the intended release of a product, Bug tracking and reporting needs to be stream-lined and available to all members of the development and management teams, and communication is extremely important. If you do not have good communication between all members of the team, the team's needs to stop and make sure communication channels are fixed. Poor communication lead to a delayed release and misunderstandings in marketing techniques.


  • Digital Future Lab
  • University Of Washington, Bothell
  • Nybble Studios

  • unity