Adventures of Locke

Simple Platformer on Custom Engine


Locke was a fast paced game developed with a custom Javascript game engine I developed in the class. Locke was created in a team of 2 for a class project in under 2 weeks. Our project requirements included: autominous behaviors, 5+ light sources, 10+ game objects, Particle effects, Audio, and Win/Lose screens.

What I Did

Enemies: I developed the logic and behavior of the enemies. They sit idle until the hero is within a range then go to an attack state.
Light Sources: I developed the light sources and mapped them to in game objects.
Game State: The game state was developed both by my partner and myself.
Hero: The Hero was developed both by my partner and myself.

What I Learned

With only less than 2 weeks to develop the game, we pretty much skipped design entirely. This lead to very ugly code that became hard to scale and extend very quickly.


  • Erick House

  • unity